A Sen’s call for help has Boss ‘happy pee’

‘Who has a way to help me. Whenever you go home, it is happy to urinate. Sometimes when I lie on the mattress it wet the whole mattress, it is very tired to wash, everyone … ‘.

The culprit caused Sen Phuoc Ho to lament because of the happy scene

‘Who has a way to help me. Whenever you go home, it is happy to urinate. Sometimes when I lie on the mattress it wet all the mattress, washing is very tired, everyone. Every time I want to go out, I think the scene about him, I’m happy to pee, I’m so lazy. ‘

Sen Phuoc Ho’s cry for help has made many other Sen extremely sympathetic. Le Son’s friend shared: ‘So is my dog. Every time I come back, I have to run to the toilet to make him happy. Then falling pee is easy to clean ”.

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And this is your boss Le Son, also in the celebration of a pee

The nickname of Beautiful Skin tells miserable: ‘Me too, too, too hard’. The nickname Hoai Linh was even harder: ‘So my children keep touching him and they pee, why is it okay?’

Vu Trung Dung not only has 1 child, but 2 children are also stuck: ‘My dog ​​is also affected. Both male and female. They say dogs are still virgin. Do not know if it is not. Looking forward to a cure ‘.

To Luong Phan, the situation was not brighter: ‘My dog ​​was likewise happy, but petted him and peed at home. So every time he was happy, I did not dare to show any expression, afraid to urinate at home. ‘

Besides some Sen who were bewildered with boss ‘happy urination’ scene, some Sen came up with a solution. Wearing diapers is a humorous solution suggested by many Sen. However, many Sen who have experienced Boss ‘happy urination’ situation also give many advice.

Nickname Yun Ha shared: ‘Every time like that, you stand outside for her to run out to celebrate … My baby used to be like that, but for 2-3 years it has naturally gone away’.

Tran Thao’s friend explained very… human: ‘You have weak nerves, like some people, you have a problem with your eye nerves, so you can easily shed tears (don’t cry but still cry). Many postpartum women who do not abstain from abstinence laugh and have urinary incontinence (incontinence – right) ‘.

Sunny nickname advises: ‘Next time you come back, try this way: Do not care about it, do not hug, do not caress, go straight into the house. Whenever you see it less happy then hug and claw. A few times will definitely help. Just try it, my friend used to use it and she peeed. Think of me as expecting someone to fall pee but it ignores me, getting bored a few times. Bored, no need to urinate anymore. At that time, hugging hun is not too late. ‘

Nickname Neu Duoc Lua Chon affirms: ‘A common trait of dogs as children is. Successful puberty, will gradually decrease. Every puppy is like that, it’s an expression when he feels happy. ‘

Nickname Khoi Nghiep agreed: ‘Big fad is over, buddy. My baby was the same when I was a kid, now I am three years old, so I’m not like that anymore. ‘

Your dog is often locked and chained in a corner of the house, so they should not go to the toilet and have to hold for many hours. That’s why when their owner returns, they are often very happy, jumping on their owner. This behavior will not be controlled, so dogs can pee easily.

Steps to reduce pee

Step 1: As soon as you get to the house, greet your dog in his hyperactive high-pitched voice.

Step 2: Then once you have stepped inside, don’t greet them with the original voice anymore. Instead, pick up or take your dog to the toilet in the correct place.

Step 3: Once your dog has solved the problem, warmly welcome them back and treat it as a reward. Because they know how to listen to you. This will make your coaching process simpler.

Step 4: When visitors come to play, they tend to want to bend over to stroke. As a greeting to your dog will allow your dog to pee on the spot for joy. So to prevent this from happening, calmly explain to your guest that you are trying to help your dog overcome the happy urination.

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