Accidentally found a picture of a puppy printed on a beer can

Three years ago, Monica’s pet, Hazel, suddenly disappeared and she couldn’t find it until she happened to be surfing the net.

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Monica was able to meet her pet dog again after 3 years by accident thanks to the photo on the beer can

Motorworks Brewing, in Bradenton, Florida, USA, recently started a program to print dogs on beer cans to help Manatee County Animal Service and the animals in the adoption center can find them. new owner.

This idea initially had success when 2 out of 4 dogs pictured on a beer can were adopted. However, not all animals need a new owner.

Last week, Monica Mathis, from Minnesota, USA, went online and flipped through a story about printing a dog image on a beer can. At that time, she was shocked to see a “familiar face.” One of those dogs was Day. Day was exactly like a pet that Monica had raised and lost three years ago when she was still alive. Iowa.

It is unknown how the dog got from Iowa to Manatee County because the distance between the two places is not that close. It is known that this dog’s real name is Hazel and was found by Manatee County Animal Service. The staff scans Hazel’s microchip (a small device like rice grains attached under the skin of a dog or cat to record information about the owner of a dog or cat. These data can only be read with a dedicated scanner) by Hazel and identifies The dog’s registrant Monica Mathis has her but her contact information is too old to call her.

As for Monica, she also forgot how to log into the microchip to update her contact information. So she had to accept to lose her pet dog. Speaking to Fox News, Monica shared that she never thought she’d see Hazel again when the dog disappeared. Seeing the photo on the beer can, Monica immediately convinced herself that it was Hazel.

Monica then contacted Manatee County Animal Service and provided all the information to prove she was Hazel’s owner.

“We have seen vet photo and certificate. This dog is an important part of her family. She has everything to prove her words. Actually, we couldn’t be Monica for many years. This is a lesson that reminds people that when you update your personal information, make sure it’s accurate, ”said Hans Wohlgefahrt, an employee at Manatee Animal Service.

The fact that Monica was able to meet her pet dog again after 3 years by accident thanks to a photo on a can of beer, is nothing more than a miracle. Hopefully, the project of Motorworks Brewing will continue to work and find the best suitable dog owners.

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