As a carnivore why so many cats like to eat grass

Sometimes bosses can graze like cows. What’s so weird?

Our cat bosses clearly cannot survive by eating only vegetables or cereals. Bosses need meat because the boss is a carnivore.

But there is one exception: catnip. Feed your cats cat grass, which they eat to the point of devouring them. Without being cat grass, just releasing the cat in a yard, they sometimes still turn to graze on vegetables so much that they are “monstrous”.

Is there a lotus that explains my pet’s behavior? If you do not have the answer, let’s think about the following reasons!

1. Grass is a natural laxative

Occasionally, you will often see bosses releasing tiny tufts of feathers. However, if these tufts get into the gastrointestinal tract, the pet needs a “dose” to enable him to vomit the tufts.

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And plants are considered a “natural medicine” that helps the body to quickly remove waste products from the outside through the digestive system.

2. Stomach aid

Grazing will sometimes help the boss solve some of the digestive problems they are having.

Cats are carnivores, so they love to hunt. And depending on how you teach that bosses can eat prey they can hunt, down to the bones and feathers.

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Therefore, their digestive tract is easily affected such as indigestion, bone formation … Chewing grass will help cats eliminate those problems.

3. Helps to cure other digestive tract disorders

If we say, the grass is an “elixir” for cats, then surely it will not be wrong! Grazing can help your pet treat certain digestive problems, such as inflammatory bowel disease or food allergies.

Dr. Wailani Sung of the University of Georgia (USA), Dr. Wailani Sung, said: “Eating grass is a way to help the cat’s body alleviate the unpleasant symptoms in the intestinal tract.”

4. Enhance nutrients

You should know, grass and other plants contain a lot of folic acids, vitamin B. These are very important nutrients for cats. Without enough folic acid, they can become anemic, seriously affecting the development of the body.

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An interesting point is that science has not yet explained the reason why the boss is able to recognize himself as lacking nutrients and automatically graze. Is this a superpower of them?

5. Signs of stress

Continuously eating grass is a sign that your cat wants to move. Perhaps where they live is causing too much stress.

Dr. Wailani Sung shared that: “It is important to know what causes your cat to be so pressured. In many cases due to less exposure to the outside environment early, they are often susceptible to pressure. When something goes wrong. Sometimes, an anxiety disorder can result. “

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Adding “to resist pressure, the cat often shows an over expression or a scream. In addition, the boss will try to engage in another activity to calm himself, such as searching. something to chew on. “

So it’s great for bosses to unleash herbivores, right?

It is important for the lotus to be aware, if cats often chew the surrounding plants, then make sure the plants and lawns are free of toxins or chemicals.

Thinking, the lotus should take some time to plant a small pot of plants in the house so that the bosses can leisurely eat grass and safely!

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