Basic information of Poodle breed

You may not believe, the breed of Poodle with a small, adorable body like the current has a primitive era known as the great hunting dog, the brave and the ability to dive in the ultra-good cold mud lagoons in Europe.

If you don’t believe and question that, let us find out all the information from the original era to the present of this Poodle breed for an answer.

1. Origins and History of dog breeds Poodle

The breed of Poodle, which is found from ancient documents, has been found to be an extremely aggressive breed and found in the wild French marshland, Germany. They are also known as duck hunting dogs based on the ability to wade and prey (most of which are Sky Ducks) for its owner.

Since the early 18th century, research and breeding specialists have embarked on the renovation of this breed with the aim of alleviating their size. After breeding, the Poodle has formed three main lines: Standard, miniature, and toy.

The adorable poodle dog is being pretty much a fan-loving dog excited

The adorable poodle dog is being pretty much a fun-loving dog excited

In the late 19th century, the breed Poodle was popular and adopted in the United States and became the most beloved pet dog of all time. Thanks to its adorable and intelligent level, the breed was quickly placed on the smart dog line. Therefore, in addition to being the pet of many families, the Poodle is a lot of confessed circus and performing training.

Poodle is also known as the Duck Hound

Poodle is also known as the Duck Hound

2. Appearance of Poodle dog breeds

Standard Poodle Series

This is the Poodle line that retains the largest high body than the original thoroughbred line. Standard Poodle ranges from 40-50cm and weigh up to 30kg. It is because such size that they are adopted as a pet are also trained to continue the traditional work.

Standard Poodle series with pretty eye appearance

Standard Poodle series with pretty eye appearance

Miniature Poodle series

Compared to the standard, the line is smaller in size and weight. On average the breed is about 40cm in height and weighs 9kg. With this weight and size, the miniature Poodle is not accepted as a pet.

Mini Dog Poodle Line

Mini Dog Poodle Line

Toy Poodle Series

Compared with the above two dogs, this is considered to be the dog of the number of recipients who adopted the most pet. In terms of size, Toy Poodle has a height of about 25cm and weighs about 3-5kg for an adult dog. Because of the small size and adorable so the Toy is being adopted by many most people.

Toy Poodle Series is taking up the favorite number of standing

Toy Poodle Series is taking up the favorite number of standing

In addition to the top 3 poodle lines, the hybrid Poodle produced two popular lines, which are Tiny poodle and Teacup poodle. However, if you are considering that the 3 lines above are selected more, you read if you want to learn more about these dogs can refer to our other articles.


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