Can your pet ‘speak human’? (And are you paying attention?)

As a loving pet owner, chances are you would like ti know how to communicate better with your furry or feathered friend. Animal communicators, or whisperers, say it is possible to talk to your pet – and for you to understand what they are trying to tell you.

Worldwide, a growing number of people are communicating telepathically with animals and other living beings, and so-called pet psychics are getting increasingly more exposure on TV. A tall tale? A ruse? No, say the people within this field: communicating with animals is an innate ability that humans, in our modern environment, have unlearnt.

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First-hand experience

Saskia von Diest is a postdoctoral researcher who did her Ph.D. in integrated plant pathology and is now conducting research in intuitive decision-making in agriculture at the University of Stellenbosch in the Western Cape. She was very skeptical when she first came across the concept of telepathic communication. “According to my world view at the time, it definitely wasn’t possible – I was very proud of how rational and scientific I was.”

Her first workshop with internationally renowned animal communicator Anna Breytenbach was the turning point. “I communicated with a cat using a photograph someone had brought to the workshop”. Saskia asked the cat about its favorite spot in the house and saw a very clear picture of a broad windowsill with a purple cushion on it next to a pot plant with bright flowers. There was a dusty rose-colored upright wingback chair with a crocheted blanket on which a tall and slim elderly person was seated, moving his or her one hand – it seated, moving his or her one hand – it seemed to Saskia it could be a writer. “I verified all this with the person who had brought the photo and they confirmed everything. I was blown away, especially by how accurate the details were”. According to Saskia, the photo works a bit like a phone number for the animal you want to talk to, it helps you to tune into their specific frequency.

She believes the main advantage of telepathic communication is that it puts us back in touch with our environment. “After that weekend I never felt alone again”. Almost every person, especially those of us living in the Western world, suffers from a separation between ourselves and nature that lies at the root of most of our suffering. She recounts how a farmer’s perspective can change when he sees himself as an organism of the farm rather than above and separate from it. In her research, she has encountered many farmers who communicate telepathically with the various organisms on their farms and are pushing the boundaries by finding creative solutions in harmony with nature.

Antjie Canning-Rogers, an animal communicator form Suurbraak, near Swellendam in the Western Cape, first discovered her ability to talk to animals when she was in primary school. “The first time was when my cat, Nugget, contacted me in a dream, “she explains”. He was stuck somewhere and crying because he was in trouble. I was in the school hostel and called my mom that night to ask where Nugget was. She found him the following morning, caught in a trap.

Almost every person, especially those of us living in the Western world, suffers from separation sickness. It’s this separation between ourselves and nature that lies at the root of most of our suffering.

Antjie specializes in searching for missing animals, a challenge not all communicators would take on. “It’s challenging and emotionally exhausting, I’ve had to learn to distance myself from the owner’s emotions because I need to be very quiet and in a good space in order to communicate with the animal”.

She also performs body scans to sense where animals experience pain or discomfort and has had vets confirm what she perceives in the animals. Antjie cites the example of a horse whose owner thought it was “lazy”. “I did a reading and got a funny feeling in the area of my heart. The next day, the vet confirmed that the horse had a heart murmur.

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