Cause cats are lazy-refusing to eat

Cats can become difficult when it comes to food. They easily quit eating the foods they used to like. This makes cat owners uncomfortable and cannot be taken lightly. Your cat’s refusal to eat is always a concern.

If a cat doesn’t eat for 24 to 48 hours, it can lead to a life-threatening condition, caused by fatty liver.

Cause cats are lazy-refusing to eat

Cause cats are lazy-refusing to eat

How to deal with lazy-starved cats

If your cat stops eating for 24-48 hours, see a veterinarian right away. A cat’s lack of appetite is an important problem that can be caused by a variety of causes and this determines the cat’s health.

Fatty liver – a serious consequence of the loss of appetite

When a cat refuses to eat, excess body fat is converted to energy. However, the cat’s body cannot convert large amounts of fat into energy by itself. When the cat is in a state of starvation, the fat is not released in the liver but simply stored, causing the liver to become fatty and inefficient. Overweight cats are more likely to have this condition than others.

This patient should be actively treated. If diagnosed early and cats are able to adapt well during the first few days of treatment, they should recover quickly. If left untreated, it can be life-threatening

Is your cat fastidious?

If your cat is difficult, there can be many reasons. Not instinct, but training. Kittens are fed a variety of foods after they are weaned and develop a varied taste. Children who are always given a food usually do not want to eat the strange food afterwards.

Many simple things like choosing the wrong food container can also make it difficult for your cat to eat. Make sure the bowl is wide and deep enough that the stubble doesn’t touch the sides of the bowl. Keep the dishes clean and do not use scented detergent to clean them.

How to encourage the cat to eat?

Encouraging your cat to eat requires patience and resourcefulness. You may need the following tips:

– Give your cat foods that have a good smell

– Sprinkle a little dried chicken or salmon over the food bowl

– Sprinkle a little tuna water or clams on the food plate

– Add some chopped meat and cook again

Spread 1 teaspoon of baby meat food (without onion powder) over the food

– Sprinkle a little cheese on top

– Sprinkle nutritional yeast on food

– Stop feeding your cat a lot of food. If you feed your cat at all times, it can be difficult to indulge.

– Do not mix medicine into food. Many drugs will drown out the smell of the food and prevent the cat from eating the food again

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