China: Pets are threatened with death due to concerns about COV infection

During the outbreak of the epidemic, some localities in China forbade pets from leaving their homes, even warning that they may be humane.

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Pet owners are worried about an outbreak of nCoV pneumonia. Photo: Sun.

A village in Hebei asks families to dispose of their pets within five days, otherwise, authorities will take action, Sun reported on February 1. Another province in Shaanxi urged people to consider the general situation and get rid of pets.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there is no evidence that nCoV has infected pets such as dogs or cats. However, experts on infectious diseases in China believe that they should be quarantined if the owner becomes infected.

There are places in Wuhan that forbid people from leaving their homes, even warn that they will be caught and disposed of if they run on the road. According to the International Humanitarian Association (HIS), some parts of Beijing, Tianjin, Shandong, Heilongjiang, Shanxi and Shanghai also have similar regulations.

“This is not the proper local approach to the nCoV pneumonia epidemic, which may be linked to the out-of-control wildlife trade in China. Livestock does not contribute to the cause.” The SARS epidemic in 2002-2003. They were also not related to the Wuhan pneumonia epidemic “, said Dr. Peter J. Li of HIS.

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Many Chinese find to buy dog ​​masks. Photo: Sun.

Meanwhile, dog breeders in China are urgently looking to buy masks for their pets. Zhou Tianxiao has been selling dog masks since 2018 to help protect them from air pollution. In the past, he used to sell about 150 units per month. Since the outbreak of nCoV pneumonia, he has sold at least 50 a day.

“Most dogs have started wearing masks. Since the virus is new, people are more concerned with their health and their pets. Dog masks may not be as professional as medical masks for humans, but they also are.” The main purpose of this mask is to prevent haze, prevent dogs from eating or licking food on the ground and prevent them from coming into contact with viruses, “Tianxiao explained.

“During this outbreak, the owner should manage the animals more closely. If dogs run out and come into contact with an infected source or an infected person, they also need to be quarantined. As the new disease spreads between animals. mammals, we should be careful with other mammals, “said Professor Li Lanjuan at China’s National Health Commission.

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