Discover the hallmarks of Beijing dog

Discover the hallmarks of Beijing dogs | Have you heard of this Beijing dog breed? It is quite small but has many interesting things. Let’s discover about this dog.

The origin of the Beijing dog

Why do people call it Beijing Dog? Originally a small source of clogs, the source of the clogs was the Tibetan land, it was also known as a fairly small poodle. Later, people moved them to Beijing China to raise. In order to suit the tastes and preferences of dog owners, in Beijing, they have been renovated and bred to produce a dog that looks like the Beijing breed that people often call it.

Physical characteristics of dogs in Beijing

The Beijing dog looks very similar to a Japanese dog, the Japanese poodle, but is a bit smaller. They are relatively small in size, and Beijing dogs have a length of about 40 to 45 cm, height of about 20 to 25 cm. Weight from 5 to 6 kg.

The Beijing dog has a long wavy coat, covered all over the body and is white or white. However, today due to crossbreeding, the dogs of Beijing also have many colors such as brown, black and yellow. However, white is still the favorite color of many people and it is also the dominant color of this small dog. Also around the muzzle and eyes are yellow or black.

The head is small, the muzzle is short, the nose is broken, the nose lobes are black or brown. The eyes of the Beijing dog are large, slightly convex, brown or black. The long, slender ears are spread on the sides of the temple. Especially for the forehead, the face has long hair covering its face. The four legs of the dog also have long, slender-legged boots. The tail has a long, feathery spiral, forming a rump covering the butt. The main neck is big and short, the legs are also big and short with the big bone structure so it makes the dog feel small and strong.

Discover the hallmarks of Beijing dog

Discover the hallmarks of Beijing dog

Character of the Beijing dog

just like some dogs are raised as pets. Peking dogs are very loyal to their owners and are especially wrapped with their owners. Originally, Beijing dogs were raised in the royal court, so this breed is somewhat somewhat “arrogant” in a very personal way. Apparently, the Beijing dog also understands the identity of their ancestors before.

Beijing dogs are very intelligent and independent. Therefore, teaching and training dogs is a relatively difficult task. If one is a hot-tempered dog player, then it is difficult to breed this breed. They like to be pampered, sometimes flattering them like a child. Pekingese dogs do not like being constrained by a certain discipline or framework, preferring to be free and comfortable.

It seems that the small dogs like the Japanese dog and the Miniature dog and now the Beijing dog have very similar personalities. They are usually very hostile, friendly with everyone in the family but they are very wary of strangers. When strangers come in contact with them, Beijing dogs often bark loudly to alert their owners. Moreover, they often repair a lot and fix it persistently.

Discover the hallmarks of Beijing dog

Discover the hallmarks of Beijing dog

Living conditions of Beijing dogs

Small dogs are usually suitable for raising in the apartment. Beijing dogs are no exception. Today they are bred in many households.

Beijing dogs have many characteristics like children, they are often jealous, or sulky. It is very difficult for you to keep a Beijing dog with another pet in the house.

Moreover, Beijing dogs do not like to be teased, or annoyed, to annoy them. If you have children in your home, it’s best not to have a Beijing dog. Because young children are often unable to control their behaviors or play with the dog, it may be touching the dog’s fur, touching his dog’s ears, when he is irritable and can return to bite quickly into his hands.

If you adopt, it is best to control your child’s behavior to avoid unfortunate events.

Grooming coat for dogs Beijing

Discover the hallmarks of Beijing dog

Discover the hallmarks of Beijing dog

Pekingese dogs have coat that is divided into 2 layers, the hair is very thick and dense. That’s why you need regular dog grooming, bathe your dog with dry oil call. Especially, the hair from the middle of the back is brushed down, the hair is very long, so you need to take care of the hair in this area. Occasionally, you should also check whether the Beijing dog’s coat is covered with small foreign objects to avoid dog hair clumps.

Discover the hallmarks of Beijing dog

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