Does the dog cry?

Dogs are friends who always sympathize with us, sharing all the joys and sorrows with us. She will show her compassion for you so you might wonder if you’ve ever seen her emotional tears.

When it comes to emotional crying, we often refer to human actions rather than animals. Even so, dogs experience these emotions and also know what grief is. So they don’t have to shed tears.

Why dogs cry tears

Why dogs cry tears

Yes… and No

According to the Chihuahua dog guide, some owners of this breed are sure their pets actually cried out in tears when they were feeling sad. While you may have seen your dog’s eyes a little wet if someone stepped on his paw, it was not the same emotional reaction as your tears when you were feeling sad. Dogs can shed tears, but the reason for this action is related to health problems.

The reasons for the dog’s tears

There are many reasons why your dog shed tears. Allergic problems will make a dog’s eyes watery, just like human eyes. Closing the tear glands causes unusual tears to secrete every time your puppy blinks just to drain regularly.

Thus, these tears spilled over his eyelids and ran down the dog’s face. An infection, such as dust particles in the eye or a scratched cornea, can also cause tears in your dog.

Serious dog symptoms to consider

A single tear or two at a time is nothing to worry about. However, if your dog is constantly crying, then you should take your dog to see the vet to see if he has any serious problems. If there is something unusual about your dog’s eyes, such as clear tears, yellow pus, mucus or blood stains, swelling or redness in his eyes, then your dog should seek help. medical treatment already

Clean away dry tears

If your dog sometimes tears a few drops, when he dries the hair around his eyes or nose, he will make his eyes look like he’s crying. This won’t hurt your dog, but it may make him look messy for a while.

Especially, if there is dirt or debris stuck on her face, she will dry her hair with tears. You can wash away the tears around the dog’s eyes with a damp washcloth. Be careful not to get into their eyes, but also gently wipe around the eye area. You should also be gentle and reassuring to her as you would with yourself.

If you treat her like that, next time, she will definitely sit obediently while you wipe your face.

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