Dog food: Attention to the wise seniors

Dog food: Attention to the wise seniors. In order to have a fully developed dog in terms of skills, we need a complete combination of nutrition and exercise.

Depending on the method of raising, owners will choose different foods for their puppies.


Choosing appropriate dog food?

The choice of dog food is essential and very important. Here are a few ways to choose the right dog food:

Your dog’s digestive system is well-suited to high-protein foods found in lean pork and beef. Therefore, when choosing food for dogs, you should choose foods that are mainly composed of meat.

In addition to meat, you should add them to foods prepared from animal organs, dry foods, bone meal and some boiled vegetables.

Absolutely in the process of raising dogs, you are not allowed to feed your dogs chocolate and other foods with lots of bones. Depending on your dog’s weight and type, choose foods that contain the right amount of protein. Choose soft or dry food based on size and eating behavior.

Classification of dog food

Depending on the size of your dog’s nutritional requirements, dog food has many different ways to divide it. Below we will give some classifications of dog food.

Based on food structure


Dry dog ​​food: Dry food is a form of food that is very popular in pet stores. In the dry form food is divided into 2 categories: grain food for dogs and dried food. This food is full of ingredients such as grains, meat, vitamins and other meat products.

This type of food has the advantage of containing a full range of nutrients, the owner will save time, no need to waste time preparing dog food. The downside of this type of feed is that the cost is higher than that of fresh foods, in dry foods that contain less fiber and water.

For small dogs with weak molars and frequent intestinal diseases, dry food should be limited. Besides, the line for more muscular development should not be completely used dry food.

Wet food: Wet food is self-cooked or pre-cooked food and packaged without drying. This form of food has the advantage of being full of nutrients, soft food will be better for the digestive system of the dog.

Disadvantages, the way to make dog food difficult and time consuming, easy to spoil, when the dog eats easily soiled, the ingredients for cooking are not carefully selected, which easily leads to intestinal infection.

This form of food is suitable for dogs with developed muscles and dogs with weak jaw muscles.

Based on the age of the dog

In choosing food for your dog, you should choose the right food to suit your dog’s age to avoid excess or lack of substance.

Puppies food (especially 1 – 2 month old puppy food): Usually the dry puppy food will have a low content of protein and substances in the animal’s internal organs. This helps the dog’s digestive system to adapt and avoid excess nutrients.

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Adult dog food: As the dog matures, this time in its food content will contain protein and protein. The concentration of these substances will make the dog’s body firmer and healthier.

In addition to these methods of division, there are many other ways: divided by dog ​​line (dog food, sniffing dogs …), divided by pregnancy (food when the dog is pregnant, giving birth, and giving birth. , mother dog raising children….).

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