Dogs and cats can live together in harmony

Are you thinking of raising a small puppy to be friends with your cat but worrying that they will bite like… dogs with cats?

The new research and the first to solve this puzzle by Tel Aviv University has found a recipe for success. Accordingly, if you have cats before the dogs and if they were raised from a young age (kittens less than 6 months old, and puppies 1 year or less) then there is a very high chance that the two pets of you will get along.

Recent research results are published in Applied Animal Behavior Science.

Professor Joseph Terkel of the Department of Zoology, Tel Aviv University, said: “This study involves a third of the US population that owns a cat or dog but is thinking about raising more children. the second is an opposing species ”.

Understand language

After interviewing about 200 people who have both dogs and cats, and then filming and analyzing the animals’ reactions, the Tel Aviv University researchers concluded that cats and dogs can live together. if certain conditions are met. Professor Terkel and graduate student Neta-li Feuerstein found that two-thirds of the families they surveyed reported a positive relationship between their dog and their cat.

But not always everything is going smoothly. 25% of the families said that their cat and dog were indifferent and indifferent to each other, while 10% said the two animals were very aggressive and even fought to bite each other.

dogs and cats can live together in harmony

Do you want your two pets to get along? If you have cats before you have dogs, and if they were raised at an early age, they will get along well. (Photo: iStockphoto / Mehmet Salih Guler)

One reason for fights between two animals is probably the cross-species signal. Dogs and cats are not able to read each other’s body signals. For example, cats tend to whip their tails when they are upset, while dogs growl and raise their backs. A cat purrs when it is happy, and a dog wagges its tail. A cat averting is a sign of aggression, while the same head position for a dog shows obedience.

In families with a rather peaceful relationship between cats and dogs, Professor Terkel observed a surprising activity: “We have found that cats and dogs have learned to speak each other’s language. Surprisingly, cats can speak ‘dog voice’ and vice versa ”.

But there is one particularly interesting thing. According to Professor Terkel, both dogs and cats seem to have evolved beyond their instincts. They can learn to read each other’s body signals, suggesting that the two species may have more in common than previously thought.

The animals that live peacefully can be an example for humans

Once you get used to each other’s presence and body language, dogs and cats can play together, greet each other by rubbing their noses, and even sleep together on the couch. They share a bowl of water together, some even brush each other. The implications of the study on dogs and cats conducted by Tel Aviv University could also extend far beyond the boundaries of the dog and cat world, extending to those who don’t get along well, such as neighbors and co-workers. or the great powers of the world.

“If dogs and cats can learn to get along, people can certainly have that,” Professor Terkel concluded.

Tea Mi (According ScienceDaily)

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