Dogs, cats and legends never forget

Hachiko for nearly 10 years waiting for his owner at the station platform has become a touching story about the loyalty and filial piety of pets towards his owner. Like Hachiko, many pets have come together to write the legend …

Dogs and cats are not just pets. Their stories sometimes cause people to admire and decide to build memorials.

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Legend of Hachiko

1. Hachiko (Shibuya, Japan): Hachiko has long been an immortal legend in the hearts of the Japanese people and the world because of his absolute loyalty to his master. Hachiko belongs to the Akita breed and is owned by Professor Hidesaburo Ueno. Every day, Hachiko saw his boss off to Shibuya station to buy a ticket to work and waited on a small platform in front of the door. One day, Professor Ueno suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and suddenly died. Hachiko did not know, so he waited on the platform every day for 9 years, 9 months and 15 days thereafter. Photo: Rock-Cafe.

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Hachiko lives forever in the hearts of the Japanese

On March 8, 1935, Hachiko died. The Akita dog’s loyalty touched residents and erected a commemorative statue at the Shibuya station a year before Hachiko’s death. During World War 2, the statue was melted for ammunition. In 1948, when the war ended, the people here erected another statue to replace. Just like that, every year on April 8, people hold a Hachiko memorial service at the Shibuya station. Photo: Medium.

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Famous fat cat Tombilii

2. Tombili (Istanbul, Turkey): In a place known as “the capital of wild cats”, Tombili fat cat stands out more than all because of its appearance, but because of its odd sitting shape. A few years ago, a picture of a fat cat with her arms lying flat, her eyes facing the streets of Istanbul was taken by an accidental camera. The photo was posted on social networks and went viral with dizzying speed. It can be said that Tombili used to be an Internet “star” when he was still alive. Photo: Design You Trust.

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Tombilli with an odd sitting posture

In August 2016, Tombili died in the grief of the people of Istanbul as well as anyone who had “fallen in love” with this fat cat through online photos. Sculptor Sevalm Shahin with admiration decided to make the free statue for Tombili and place it at the place where the “immortal” photo was born. The statue was stolen in November of the same year but was returned shortly thereafter. Photo: Wikipedia.

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Wild cats love to ride Hamish

3. Hamish McHamish (Saint Andrews, Scotland): This yellow-haired cat is considered an unofficial symbol of Saint Andrews. Hamish was born in 1999 and was originally owned by Marianne Baird. When he grew up, Hamish began to have a hobby of “walking” around the houses in town. People are also getting used to the presence of Hamish and regularly take care of the cat instead. Photo: Adrian Wale.

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Hamish statue at home

Someone a Hamish fan created a Facebook account and posted pictures and messages instead of the cat. After a while, Hamish’s Facebook has received thousands of friends and follow-up requests. Hamish’s popularity attracts tourists who come to the town of Saint Andrews to find and take pictures with the cat. Even a book recording Hamish’s activities was published. In 2014, this golden cat passed away and got a statue in his hometown. Photo: Adrian Wale.

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Members of the Chippy Antarctic expedition

4. Chippy (Wellington, New Zealand): Chippy Cat is an unofficial member of Shackleton’s famous Antarctic expedition. The owner of the cat, Harry McNish, a carpenter, was also on the voyage. When the ship crashed, Shackleton with his ingenuity saved the crew and members of the expedition from death. Photo: Brewminate.

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Chippy statue placed on the tomb of the master

However, the fate of the Chippy cat and the sled dogs is not so lucky. Shackleton ordered the killing of Chippy and three dogs pulling the wagon with guns because they could not cope with inclement weather. This decision caused Harry McNish to never forgive Shackleton from the day he was alive. By the time of his death, though, he was finally reunited with his beloved Chippy when a statue of a cat was erected on his grave in Wellington, New Zealand. Photo: Booking.

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Dog Mayor Bosco Ramos

5. Bosco Ramos (Sunol, California): Go to Sunol Post Office, you will see a Labrador dog statue outside the door. Don’t laugh if anyone says this is their mayor. Because of the truth, Bosco Ramos won two other candidates to become honorary mayor from 1981 to death in 1994. Despite receiving love from the townspeople, it was not until 2008 that the statue of Bosco Ramos is newly erected. Photo: My Blog.

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