Experience and how to choose a good hound

Nowadays there are a lot of people raising dogs of hunting dogs which are typical of dogs such as Phu Quoc, Dog Vortex, dog.

A dog like that, you’ll get excited when you own them. If you want to own a well-available dog then immediately following, we share a few experiences, choosing the best hunting dog.

First of all, to choose a good hunting dog, you need to choose and consider the problem of the genealogy of the puppy. If mothers are good and standard, the likelihood of their children will be inherited and possess the qualities of the parent of the puppy leaving. It’s about the dog’s genealogy problem.

A prominent feature is the leg with a membrane in Phu Quoc hunting dogs

Experience and how to choose a good hound

Experience and how to choose a good hound

After the hunt is selected, it is necessary to select the following appearance:

Picking dogs with blooming breasts, slender belly, rounded legs, straight tails (skyscraper) except for the buttocks, small ears but must be erect and tend to be facing forward, the anus hole is sealed.

Another important feature is that the nose should be wet, when walking, the habit is to inhale the soil rather than straightening a circuit, the nose must always breathe on the ground.

Reasons to choose the above characteristics:

  • Crossbow, belly. Round legs, tight anus holes: The above characteristics will assure me that the dog will be very healthy, agile and supple if the weak will not follow them when hunting (if not enough of the above characteristics, the dog will quickly lose power and fall back. The instrument called a slightly empty dog should not be selected)
  • Small ears, facing before, the ear signals of this dog are very hearing, and small so when running into the forest will limit the grass leaf, wipe leaves ear bleeding, burning pain > decreased combat strength.
Experience and how to choose a good hound

Experience and how to choose a good hound

Wet nose (the ability to sniffing well because of the smell of animals that act according to the mechanism: odors must be dissolved in the surface of olfactory cells, wet nose-> receive a good odor whether the concentration of odor is left on the road very little.

A hunting dog – Phu Quoc Dog where Ha Thanh Land

Above are some ways of choosing a good hunting dog that in visual new dog players can also get to know this. For a deeper and more detailed breakdown of how to choose the best hunting dog, we will be reading another analysis of every specific detail in this hunting dog. Wish the Success!

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