Find out information about the Samoyed dog breed

The Samoyed dog is a white-haired dog found in Siberia. They have a personality quite similar to that of a wolf. Let’s find out some information about the Samoyed dog through the article below.

1. Origin of Samoyed dog breed

Samoyed dogs are native to Siberia, and are primarily hunted by hunters and fishermen. Previously, this breed was used to tow sleds for humans.

By 1889, explorer Robert Scott brought this Samoyed dog to Britain and bred them worldwide.

find out information about the samoyed dog breed 1

Samoyed dog breed originated from Siberia

2. Characteristics

Samoyed dog breed is quite elegant and nimble, so they are becoming the publication only one favorite breed of dog lovers.

The Samoyed dog is very intelligent, strong, and quite flexible. They are also considered a loyal breed, they always proved intimacy and attachment with their master and even strangers ch waterlogged c ũng v whoa. Because of their easy-going personality with anyone including strangers, they are not suitable for guarding. However, when they meet strangers, they still bark to inform their family members.

find out information about the samoyed dog breed 2

They are intelligent and friendly dogs

3. Appearance and size of a Samoyed dog


The Samoyed dog has a pretty neat body, so adorable that anyone can see it. An adult Samoyed dog has a height of 53 to 60cm. Specifically, male Samoyed dogs are about 48-53cm tall, weighing between 20 and 30kg; Bitches weigh from 16 to 20kg.


Samoyed has a thick and sleek coat, they have four main colors: yellow, white, cream, and a little hung gold. However, white coat color is the most popular and seems to suit them best.

They have ears not too small not very moderate, slightly rounded at e, while point and always upright. Samoyed dog’s tail is long. ruffled feathers, always curled up and upright.

The breed’s legs are straight and fairly ribbed with flat feet, covered in fur. With long, thick fur so they c ó ability to live well in areas with cooler temperatures as the temperate zone.

find out information about the samoyed dog breed 3

The Samoyed dog has a thick and white coat, which is quite suitable for temperate regions

4. Longevity and health care for Samoyed

The average lifespan of a Samoyed dog from 12-15 years, during the raising, should pay attention to problems with the blood, diabetes, and skin allergies.

Because of their thick coat, farmers need to pay attention to the protection of their fur, their fur will shed and shed a lot according to the season. In particular, because they have quite thick and thick fur, this breed cannot live in very hot places.

The Samoyed dog is a very cute and quite nice dog, they will be very suitable for dog lovers in cold weather.

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