How much is the price of Puffed Dog in Vietnam and where to buy reputable?

The price of a Puffer Dog in Vietnam usually ranges from 6-10 million, depending on many different factors such as size, origin, genealogy, quality of parents, …

Currently, on the market Phoc Soc is widely sold at different prices. The origin of this breed is also very diverse, but in general, the price of the Squirrel dog is not cheap.

The price of a Puffer Dog does not only depend on the beauty, health or sex of the baby but also depends on how their grandparents, grandparents, parents are.

How much is the price of Puffed Dog in Vietnam and where to buy reputable?

How much is the price of Puffed Dog in Vietnam and where to buy reputable?

How much is the price of Puffed Dog in Vietnam and where to buy reputable?

How much is the price of Puffed Dog in Vietnam and where to buy reputable?

In Vietnam, the price of Phoc Squirrel dog is divided into the following prices:

From 7 – 9 million

The price of a Squirrel, from 7-9 million, is a purebred dog born in Vietnam, with a healthy, agile body, beautiful feathers and without any papers.

From 9-11 million

With this price, these dogs are also born in Vietnam, undocumented but belong to special types, usually mini squirrels or teacup squirrels, their height is usually less than 20 cm, weight about 1 kg.

From 12-15 million VND

This is the price of a domestic born Squirrel, but with full origin papers, certificate of purity, … issued by VKA. With the license granted, you can completely rest assured of their purity.

From 11-15 million

This is the price for the Pebbles born in the country but in the Teacup size. The weight will be less than 1.5 kg and the height should not exceed 15cm.

Usually, Teacup size Teacup dogs are not for sale on the market but must pre-order at: squirrels breeding camps, large stores or reputable websites.

From 15-20 million

With this price, you can buy Pebbles imported from Thailand. These dogs are well-documented, are of good quality, and are purebred.

Thai squirrels costing over 16 million VND must be extremely beautiful, with beautiful shapes, with cotton wool, often bought for breeding.

From 40-60 million VND

This is the price for the Mini Squirrel imported from Europe. These dogs have full papers, including birth certificate, import certificate, certificate of FCI (if any), …

This pricey Pheasant dog is usually only bought for breeding, but there are few Vietnamese farms that buy it as a breed.

Price over 100 million

With the above price, you can own a dog that is imported from Europe, belonging to the lineage of “the royal family”. My parents have participated in international Dog Show competitions and won awards.

Address to buy reputable mini squirrel dog in Hanoi and TP. HCM City

Whether you are in the south or the north, do not order dogs where the address is not clear. Buy it in places you can see firsthand. Besides the mindful salespeople, there are still countless people just for profit that defies everything. Buyers should choose reputable places with clear documents and consult with experienced people.

Puppies are born with clear parents, the better it is if certified. Because this will ensure the purity of the puppy. Especially for those who buy dogs for breeding, these documents are even more important.

Dogs that are transported long distances are susceptible to health problems. There have been many cases of dogs dying along the way. This leads to great losses for both the seller and the buyer. Buying a dog close to where you live will save a lot of effort, and reduce unnecessary risks.

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