Let’s find out how many kinds of Corgi dogs look like?

The corgi is still a fairly expensive breed in VN. However, you know how many types of corgi dogs you have. Let’s find out about this topic right here.

How many kinds of Corgi dogs?

Currently, Corgi has two of the most common thoroughbred types, Pembroke Corgi and Cardigan Corgi. These are the two types of corgi dogs that are widely adopted in the world. You can easily notice and distinguish these 2 types by their shape. The difference between these two Corgi breeds includes bone structure, body length and size. The names of these two types are derived from the lands of the ancient country of Wale. And here we go into every particular line.

Let's find out how many kinds of Corgi dogs look like?

Let’s find out how many kinds of Corgi dogs look like?

Type Pembroke Corgi Pitta.

The Pembroke Welsh Corgis is famous as the favorite breed of Queen Elizabeth II, who possesses more than 30 Corgi’s during his own reign. These dogs were favored by the British royalty for over seventy years.

The bright spot of the breed is long, short-tailed, pointed-tail. Corgi’s body breeds bigger breeds than they are, but the legs are much shorter, compensating that Corgi has an athletic body that helps it to lead poultry, sheep, and cattle. This breed of dog needs to adopt a “diet Khem” diet because they are quite easy to increase, also need for maximum workout, and do not need to lead the long run.

In terms of color, Pembroke has 5 colors of all, generally quite diverse. I’ll be presenting in 1 other post.
Pembrokes high from 10 inches (25 cm) to 12 inches (30 cm) and weighing about 28 pounds (13 kg). Pembroke achieved full height at 9 months of age, but the body continued to grow until they grew up and hardened the cable through two years. Pembroke was quite engaged, so they could weigh up to 38 pounds (17 kg) if fed no less. Pembroke Welsh Corgis can keep a good standard of human organs from controlling the executive and exercise. Pembroke has an average lifespan of 12-15 years.

Let's find out how many kinds of Corgi dogs look like?

Let’s find out how many kinds of Corgi dogs look like?

The Pembroke Corgi is derived as a short-tailed breed. Today the tail of not less Pembroke is often curly and amputated. Most of the pups of Pembroke were born without tails, if they were born with tails, the tail would be cut off when it was 2-5 days old.

Longtail Cardigan Corgi

It is a dwarf breed, with a long body, large, erect ears and a wide skull. The trail descends (Pembroke type no tail). The breed looks heavier than the same Pembroke. Their ears are also larger, with their legs more rounded like Pembroke.

The Cardigan has deep breasts with a visible sternum. Their front legs were slightly forward-facing. This breed has dark eyes that are harmonious with fur. Some blue-eyed children are also quite suitable for their blue-colored feathers.

The Cardigan has two teeth at the back, intersect of scissors (slightly protruding jaws). They have dual plumage, medium-length, rough-fitting outer layer, combined with dense and soft inner sections. The fur in the neck, behind the legs and more tails. This breed is usually mottled brown, blue, black and white, black and pale yellow, black and mottled brown, sable feathers, and redness, which are often combined with whitish streaks.
The Cardigan Welsh Corgi is a very intelligent, obedient, well-assured breed. They are calm, faithful, and adorable, but they are wary of strangers.

Let's find out how many kinds of Corgi dogs look like?

Let’s find out how many kinds of Corgi dogs look like?

This breed is very devoted to the owner. Some are dynamic. Overall, they are good with children and more small dogs. They often use them as protections, although they are less concerned about the territory than the Pembroke breed.

A friendly Cardigan with dog breeds and pets is not a dog, but they are ready to fight with other dogs. Some of you are brave, daredevil to protect the home of the master, even if they are too small. Sometimes they use the first two legs to accumulate people into the wall, so when raising this type of dog you need to teach them not to act like that.

Cardigan has a very well-known warning, some children are pretty much barking. Males can be or aggressive with other male dogs, especially when there is a dog near the side of “men” who love this testimony.

Height, Weight: Male and female dogs are 25-33 cm tall; Weigh 11-14 kg.

Health: Some children have a tendency to get PRA and increase intraocular pressure (glaucoma). Don’t let this breed overeat because they are easy to gain weight.

Living conditions: Cardigan suitable for life in the apartment. Yet in the house they are very dynamic. This breed is still comfortable without a garden terrace.

COACHING: You need to train the Cardigan regularly, because they are more dynamic than the same Pembroke.

Life expectancy: approximately 12-15 years.

Group: Herding, AKC Herding


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