My cats fight all the time

Question: When my 17-year-old cat Puff was getting ready for bed, my two four-year-old cats were fighting again and again. Puff was forced to become an excellent mediator because they were used to it for a long time. Is there anything I can do to restore harmony between them?

Cats fight all day long

Cats fight all day long

Answer: According to behaviorist Francesca Riccomini, the older cat is probably having a moderate influence on the other two cats because one of them has established territorial rights and as such, they may have moderated his behavior.

A feline family can help relieve stress between female cats, but you need to understand why your kitten’s relationship is so bad. You will restore harmony if you create many conditions to limit the stress level. For example, areas are easily accessible such as overhead, along with radiator beds or an Ethiopian igloo style. They also need more dark space.

If they do not give in, they will become very aggressive, aggressive to fight for their privileges. Make them hiding places and racks so that the cats can jump in the living room, on the hallways and stairs. You should also keep small throwable and readily available toys in these hiding places and racks. That way, if anyone sees anything going on between the cats, they can distract them from their attention.

Don’t punish one of the cats if they become aggressive. Not that they are rebellious, but because they feel unhappy. You can also reduce stress by feeding them in different places as mealtimes are often the cause of their day-to-day contention. You play separate from cats and don’t treat them like a family.

Is the cat playing or fighting?

Lots of intimate cats love to play fighting and will chase around each other and fight with their claws. The game is usually played quietly and produces mild bites that do not hurt either. But if this type of game continues to increase and involves insults, painful bites, or scary cats, this could be a sign that your cats are not at all playing happily. together where.

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