No more worrying about your pet’s fur being covered with carpets, cushions, and clothes just thanks to this tip

Anyone who has a pet will have a terrible situation of dog and cat fur on their shirt, especially with a black sweater and a black stomach. Pocket these tips now to get rid of them!

Keeping a puppy or cat in the house is really nice because you can play with them when stressed. However, a “problem” that every family has dogs and cats encounter is that the fur of dogs and cats is almost everywhere.

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The cat is really loving, but looking at the fur-covered hem, I want to cry.

But the truth is, no one wants to wear fur-covered clothes, right? The shirt looks both unattractive and unsanitary. Especially the days when you wear a black, woolen shirt … it is too terrible.

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photo 2 1560048201531624125800


photo 3 1560048201532932781163
How to get rid of this half-laughter when the time to brush is not available?

Very simple but effective, watch and practice this tip too!

photo 4 15600482015321070515719
First, put on a rubber glove!


photo 5 15600482015331357348235
Now you gently swipe on a shirt or pants that have fur, the white hair will be gathered easily. Then you just need to pick them up and you’re done.

Look at this result!

photo 6 1560048201534564348393
What a huge difference, isn’t it?

In addition to clothes, you can also use this tip to remove dog hair, cats on the sofa, on the carpet, also very effective!

photo 7 15600482015351868283264

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