Norbert – Instagram hot dog uses unrivaled cuteness to heal everyone’s soul

With an extremely cute face, big black eyes and a tiny tongue that is always exposed, Norbert is an extremely famous dog in American hospital psychotherapy.

Children and pets are always a little annoying, but in return, they are adorable and make you pop no matter the situation. Norbert – a lovely dog ​​with a tongue always sticking out as if wanting to “prank” the whole world.

This morning, Norbert appeared on the Instagram homepage with a lovely introduction: “Hello everyone, today we introduce you the dog Norbert (with Instagram account @norbertthedog). Norbert is my uncle. This cute dog’s arrival at the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles is a volunteer therapy dog ​​that brings love and comfort to the little patients. patients when playing with Norbert – a dog weighing only 1.4kg “

High – five will not forget the story either!

Norbert is a small dog with ruffled white fur and big round eyes that is 9 years old. In addition to his unrivaled cuteness, this dog’s defining characteristic is that his small tongue is always sticking out like he wants to “poke” everyone.

Norbert is a dog who is not only pretty but also knows how to do meaningful things. Norbert and “mother” Julie joined a volunteer group of animal therapy with Animals Partners, visiting pediatric and nursing homes to help babies and the elderly. Norbert is the protagonist of two picture books to convey the message to children that we don’t need to wait big to change the world.

Too cute!

On Instagram, this little dog has 668k followers – a huge number. It seems that just watching this little dog cosplay as reindeer, playing with teddy bears or lying down lazily will make everyone happy – an extremely good mental medicine.

Let’s take a look at Norbert’s photos to feel more excited and motivated than you!

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