Pet training: Discipline to use the toilet in the right place

Puppies are like a blank sheet of paper! Teach your puppy good habits so you won’t have to work hard in the future. One of them is going to the toilet in the right place!

I don’t have too much experience, but I’m a DOLL. Everything I thoroughly researched and learned for myself more or less skills to help people partly solve the problems of dog training.

In this article, I will talk about the first thing to do to get the dog to go to the toilet in the right place.

I will divide into 2 most common cases that I have ever studied, studied and handled very successfully. You refer to and apply with the baby.

The first case: Puppy is less than 5 months old

huong dan cach huan luyen cho con di ve sinh dung cho
When you bring your dog home, first take him to the toilet, or somewhere else where you want him to go.

For children less than 5 months old, still called children and are blank pages, everything I teach goes deep into the dog’s subconscious and it is easy to form good habits for the dog at this stage. this paragraph.

The preparation before you bring the puppies back is a cage and the mattress is very warm.

When you bring your dog home, first take him to the toilet, or somewhere else where you want him to go. Often when the dog comes home, he will tend to find a place to go to the toilet because he is afraid, but is afraid to release waste, except for extremely tiny babies who will play first and then go to the toilet later. It is best to leave sanitary pads in the toilet, or even without them. Both reduce bad smell, just let the living space be well ventilated.

Let the dog stay in it for about 10 minutes. Open the door to ensure there will be a pool of urine or cute feces there. Your job is to have the dog clean the baby and clear the battlefield. Remember, when you open the door to see feces or urine, you must rub your head well. Praise by name. Example: Ah, Chanh is so good, piss is good!

After going for the first time, you play with the baby for about 1 hour, then lock the baby in, when it is time to feed, give it to drink. Usually, it should be fed 2 times a day in the morning and evening, 3 times a day to drink water, in the morning and at noon.

After feeding about 15-20 minutes, you open the door of the cage, go to the bathroom and call the puppy in, stop holding it. Also put in 10 minutes and then wash the dog, repeat 3 consecutive days like that. If any baby is fast, they will get used to going to the bathroom too, the baby who is slower can take 1-2 weeks depending on the child.

It is like children, fast kids, slow kids, not everyone is the same, so you do not compare your baby with any baby. My child is only one. It is important to persevere and love your baby.

After the rice has turned into rice, you just let the baby go freely and play, there will be times when the baby is sometimes forgotten and is playing spontaneously pee in the middle of the house, now you should act as a strict person. Discovered the baby pee, hit the ass right away, always carried to the toilet. Your baby will forget a few times, so you just be strict a few times and your baby will immediately know the idea.

Do not worry that the baby pee in the cage, because the dog breed is very wise, he does not pee right where he is where to eat, except in case of reluctance.

Case 2: Dog is mature

cho di ve sinh
Adult puppies are more difficult to train because they have a habit

With puppies more than 5 months old, or 1 or 2 years old, because of certain conditions, you can pick them up at this stage. This time, the children ‘s conservative character is like that of an adult. I always think I’m right. So now you have to be more persistent.

Also with a lovely cage, when you bring it back, you should put the baby in the cage and eat it right away so that the baby knows: This is my boss. With adult babies, it will be more friendly if someone feeds them. Babies often submit to their feeders. But 1 meal is not right, just to make a first impression on the children.

Depending on the daily routine of each child before, there may be a baby who has finished eating and has not gone to the toilet, but if a baby has finished eating, then 20 minutes later he will be gone. So you just wait 20 minutes and then carry to the toilet. Must hold, because I can’t call. The baby does not know me, he does not follow. After 15 minutes open it up, the adult puppy’s waiting time should be longer than the puppy, because the grown kids have a habit.

After opening the door, if the dog has not gone to the bathroom, carry it again. And if the baby is gone, don’t forget to use praise and hygiene for the baby.

For children who have not gone to the toilet for the first time, you can hold it in the cage and lock it up, it is time to feed and drink again, then put it in the toilet again, now the baby can not help it anymore, rest assured!

Continuously with adult babies for at least 2 weeks to 1 month. Be extremely persistent and don’t forget the compliments.

Have fun, play with the children, love them so that they can freely express their personalities, then we can easily teach them.

Dogs are friends, not food. Keep a dog when you are truly loving enough.

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