Pitbulls and endless controversies: Raised or banned?

Experts believe that pit bull dogs have a wild and naturally aggressive instinct, pitbull attacks leave serious injury or death. However, according to many people, Pitbull is just a dog, not a monster!

Pitbull dogs are banned in 12 countries around the world because they are too dangerous

Causing nearly 6,000 attacks each year in the US, but the pit bull is still a popular pet in many families in the US, although many countries have banned this aggressive dog.

Countries such as Canada, France, Great Britain, New Zealand, or Finland have banned this breed many years ago because it is considered too dangerous to live with humans in the family.

The numbers are alarming

According to the Center for Disease Control in the US, each year the country has about 10,000 dog attacks on people. 59% of cases are caused by pit bulldogs, 82% of deaths resulting from pit bulls, and half of the victims are children.

Many studies and surveys show that 85% of attacks on children are from dogs in the family or close to the family.

CBC newspaper quoted Professor Michael Golino, director of Arkansas Children’s Hospital, USA, emphasized that children are not allowed to go near pit bulldogs. “Almost every day we receive cases of children being attacked by dogs and the most serious cases are caused by pit bulldogs,” he said.

Experts say that children are often victims of dog attacks because they are not aware of the dangers of pit bull dogs and are unable to defend themselves when attacked.

GS. Golinko, who spent years treating children attacked by dogs. Photo: CBC.

Each year, Canada has about 2,000 dog attacks against people, health facilities in this country label the Pit bull “extremely dangerous for children”.

Pitbull is banned in most provinces and major cities here. The city of Toronto, which issued a ban since 2005, remains the same despite being opposed by animal activists.

In the city of Quebec, the ban starts from 1 January 2017, the illegal possession of pit bull dogs will be fined about 1,000 CAD (about 18 million VND).

GS. Golinko and colleagues now point out that pit bull attacks typically have injury rates 2.5 times higher than other dogs and most have serious consequences.

He operated on a 3-year-old boy after he had a part of his scalp peeled off and his face seriously injured after being bitten by a pit bull dog in his own family.

It took them 4 years and 21 surgeries to treat the injuries but one ear needed to be redone.

The fight for pitbull

Ledy VanKavage, the Best Friends Animal Society, told the CBC that pit bulls are like any other dog and that banning pit bulls does not make families safer.

“I think everyone’s biggest misunderstanding is about dog breeds, they’re just dogs, not monsters,” Vantage said.

Those who oppose the ban on pit bulls because they think that pit bull dogs are misunderstood

In the US, banning this breed is considered extremely difficult because the pitbull is still one of the most popular pets here and a dog is only considered a danger if ever attacking humans.

Pitbull proponents argue that there is no clear evidence that this breed is more dangerous and attacks humans more than other dogs. Pitbulls are also loved for their absolute loyalty and are very obedient to their owners.

Pitbull desperately needs a more generous view

Jerry Hogg, animal aid group Barc’s Rescue, believes that every dog ​​must be carefully evaluated before it can enter a family to become a pet.

He also said that the most important thing is to educate the owner, not to blame the dogs entirely.

“Do not treat them like toys, they are living things, and can be dangerous to people,” Mr. Hogg said.

However, GS. Golinko still asserted that the pitbull is a dog with wild instincts and very dangerous.

“If I had to choose, I would definitely choose safety for children over possession of this dangerous animal,” Golinko said.

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