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This is Curly friend, I saved from a brother in the Poodle Breeders’ Association. When I first met him, I was really indignant at the person who raised the baby!

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Curly is very difficult to get close to because he was beaten in the past

At first I intended to raise one more child to be friends with my baby Chanh. I went to the guild to find a child to take home or not, when I saw a picture of Xo’s old boss posting a picture of two dogs that look dirty and dirty and said that he did not have time to work, so he sold it.

I feel ok, come to the place to see to start taking care. I feel like coming to see the children he raised, but I feel extremely indignant. Dogs stray outside the balcony, rain and shine to find shelter; Pee pissed off on the balcony.
Stinky. Dirty. All leaves fall out, clinging to the skin. Overall I feel awful. Looking closely, the baby Curly because of too dirty eyes with cataracts, the other child has a breast cyst with a lump that is half the size of a fist dangling from the outside, unable to lie down. 2 skinny children. Very bad.

When asked out, he knew that before he and his wife saw that they were too foster care, so they bought 2 children to raise them. I worked so hard, I struggled. If only I could live, I would live, if I could not live, I would die. Hearing that, I was extremely angry.

Even though the dog is sick, I don’t know how to live and die, but seeing that, I can’t help it. I brought 2 babies home for 1.8 million. He asked for more, but I just paid that. When she got down, the wife still said why it was so cheap. That sounds crazy, guys. I never brought it back out of love for the children. Hazza.

When I brought it back 4 months ago, it was 2 pounds. Examination for the baby, in addition to cataract, there are also malnutrition, digestive disorders, outdoor asthma, dermatitis … How many diseases, how much do I spend on medical examination and treatment, to take care of, now healed and already 4kg already. The other baby is similar, as well as many diseases. After curing the baby, I gave it back to another friend. Keep only Curly baby.

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This is a picture of Curly Baby right now. Sad eyes, and very afraid of being abandoned.

I can’t tell all the work of taking care of the baby because it was so hard, the baby was beaten all the time so she kept growling and unfriendly. Curly all day in the barn, dare not come out. To get the picture of your baby now is the process of playing, eating and taking care of your baby very hard.

Because of the sudden pleasure of his husband and wife, it hurts the dog’s whole life. Without me to save, I don’t know where the two of my life will go.

So my friends, who are incapable or not really loving, please do not take care of them. Too bad. Raising a dog is like raising a child. In addition to feeding and feeding, it is important to play with, play with, teach and, importantly, have true love.

Dogs are friends – Not food. Keep a dog when you are truly loving enough.

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