Sadly waiting for his master to never return, the dog took tears from many netizens

This poor dog patiently waits for his master to return without knowing, nor can he understand or accept that the owner has encountered an incident, will never be able to return to me.

Sadly the dog waited for the owner
The dog’s deep sadness misses its owner

The touching photo above shows a sad dog lying in the front yard of the house, where the dog’s pilot owner will never return. The owner had a plane accident a few days ago and was confirmed by the authorities to have died in the incident.

This story revolves around pilot Marcel Van Hattem (52 ​​years old), who took a short flight with a small plane in the middle of last week, but then the plane suddenly disappeared in Queensland. Australia). After that, the authorities found the scene of the accident and confirmed that pilot Van Hattem has passed away.

Ever since the news of the tragic accident that happened to the neighbor, the people living next to the pilot Van Hattem’s house in Gold Coast City (Australia) have been touched to see that this pilot’s dog is still patient lying at the gate waiting for the owner to return.

As if sensing something unusual, the dog just quietly waited, the touching image of the sad dog waiting for his owner to return was captured and shared by neighbors on social networks. spend a lot of compassion.

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