See a set of 1-0-2 wedding photos between people and dogs in Dalat

Thach Thanh Binh has just posted on Facebook his own wedding photo set with a dog named Bong. This set of photos immediately received 4.5 thousand likes and shares.

Thach Thanh Binh’s “Going together” wedding photo set has attracted thousands of likes and shares

There were extremely interesting comments from Binh’s friends and Bong’s fans for this wedding photo set.

Sharing with Dogs Cats, Binh said, Binh has raised Bong, this Goat dog, for more than 7 months. For Binh, Bong is his best friend, he takes it wherever he goes. Binh also taught Bong how to sit still and pose to take pictures. So far, Bong is Binh’s effective aide. Not only that, Bong is also the “attraction” to help people come to Binh’s studio more.

“Bong stayed with Binh in Da Lat and helped Binh take pictures. Bong is very smart and close. Bong helps Binh do many things like posing with the bride and groom, helping Binh to pawn, connecting people to make taking pictures easier… ”- Binh shared.

When talking about this set of 1-0-2 wedding photos, Binh said that he always wanted to save every moment of Bong, and this is a set of photos that mark Bong’s maturity.

Let Dogs Cats watch this super cute photo set:

The bride’s sad sad face is also the topic for many commenters. Many people believe that Bong has … “regretted”
Just looking at that, Bong’s fans outnumber Binh’s fans …
And many people do not hide their intention … to rob the bride
According to Thach Thanh Binh, Bong has been 7 months and this is a set of photos that mark the maturity of Bong
What could be more romantic. “I agree” – Bong said
Too cute for this couple
Come on, Cotton. Why regret so soon!
It’s also very romantic
Indeed a bride is very pretty if … without the groom
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