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Most four-legged friends adore their owners very much, and they easily express their happiness, love and feelings to the person who took care of them.

A happy dog ​​can display many different shades, from raised ears, a wobbly tail to a quiet, obedient, and lovable attitude. Learn to understand your dog’s body language when he’s happy, and when he’s unhappy.

Dog body language

A happy dog ​​will express his feelings with his whole body, bright eyes, and tail will swing constantly. It often rolls its body in the glee of excitement to see you walk in the door after a long day at work. He can playfully jump up and down to express his excitement, but obedience training can help your dog learn how to control his emotions, behave properly even when he feels too happy. blessed.

Dogs often show their emotions with body language

Dogs often show their emotions with body language

Your dog’s obedient behavior

When a dog is frightened, it will groan, put its tail between its legs, and bow in submission to you; When he is having fun, he will “dry” his ass in the air and wiggle his tail wishing you would play with him. He can also jump excitedly on his hind legs to grab your attention and show you he is happy, eager and ready to play with you. This behavior may be accompanied by a short, high-pitched barking or a strong and energetic cry in front of you.

Dogs stand on two feet and bounce

Dogs stand on two feet and bounce

Quiet times

A happy and contented dog can express to you how he feels by sitting quietly beside you, his head resting on your lap, or by his body close to you. This is a way of expressing relaxed emotions, while at the same time showing that his joy is simply your presence. The more precious time you spend with your dog in everyday life, the more you will experience the boy’s happy expressions.

Quiet moments

Quiet moments

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