Strange facts about dogs

Your dog always gives you unconditional love and acceptance as well as gives you moments of relaxation and no matter what breed it is, it is always beautiful in your eyes. Domestic dogs are surprising animals because of their fascinating species history.

One of the most bizarre facts about dogs comes from the breed background and breed origin of different breeds. For example, in the Middle Ages, low-class hybrid dogs were not allowed to mate with purebred hounds of the aristocracy.

Historical information about dogs is very interesting

Throughout history, dogs have always loved humans with loyalty, love and ability to help people. On the contrary, humans also love and cuddle their dogs. The ancient Egyptians loved their dog so much that when a dog died, all family members would mourn for a few days by not eating or shaving their eyebrows.

Greyhound is the name of a breed for hunting necks. Among the many theories about the origin of the name greyhound. There are many theories about the breed’s designation that it stems from a translation error. Scholars have mistakenly adopted the original German name Greishund to refer to the gray dog. In fact the term refers to old and old dogs, and refers to the age group of this ancient breed.

Anatomy of the dog’s body

The dog’s sense of smell is amazing. dogs have a sixth sense that sends impulses to specific parts of the brain for analysis. The impulses help dogs determine not only scent, but also social status and sexual orientation in animals and humans. Because dogs have more than 220 million cells to detect scent, and humans only 5 million, so dogs are 1,000 times more capable of smell than us.

A dog's ability to sense odors helps them distinguish the ages of other dogs

A dog’s ability to sense odors helps them distinguish the ages of other dogs

Creation has created dogs with three eyelids instead of two like humans. The third eyelid, called the nictitating membrane, protects the eye from the effects of other individuals and keeps the eye lubricated.

Geographical origin

Most breeds of dogs are able to develop according to their environmental characteristics, and the names of some breeds reflect a part of where they are born. For example, the Newfoundland breed, various retriever breeds such as the Labrador retriever and the Chesapeake Bay retriever, the Portuguese sea dog, the German hard-haired indicator, the Welsh spaniel, all are all named after the regions where they originated from life.

Many of these breeds are made with the ability to operate underwater in the country in which they were born, so they have membranes, where the skin between the toes connects to all the nails. Membranes allow them to swim vigorously and make them the choice for search and rescue work or water sports such as field experiments and retrieval of lost objects.


The poodle is one of the most intelligent breeds according to the book by Stanley Coren “The Intelligence of the Dog”. It ranks second only to the Colombian breed on the border, often thought to have an IQ equal to or higher than that of a 2-year-old child. The book also examines many studies proving that dogs can solve complex problems.

The poodle is one of the smartest dog breeds

The poodle is one of the smartest dog breeds

At the American Psychological Association’s 117th annual meeting, Coren spoke about how most dog breeds can understand 150 words, while 20% of them can even understand. 250 words. This superior group includes the frontier Colombian breed, the poodle, the German shepherd dog and the Labrador retriever. He also found evidence that most dogs can manipulate their owners and other animals to do what they want, such as being more kind.

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