The 10 most delicious and nutritious dog foods

10 of the most delicious and nutritious dog foods Dog food is an important choice for a dog owner. Depending on the farming method, Sen will choose suitable foods.

There are so many types of dry food on the dog food market today. Because of the variety and abundance that makes it difficult for many dog ​​owners to choose. Below we will recommend 10 of the best foods that are best suited to each dog breed.

1. Dry food Royal Canin – Food for dogs Poodle

This type of food is the most popular and widely chosen food for Poodle dogs.

This food contains many ingredients Omega 3, Omega 6, DHA, fortified fatty acids, these compounds are extremely good for beautifying dogs’ hair and avoiding skin diseases.

Dry food Royal Canin also contains a lot of protein and sulfur amino acids that help stimulate the development of their long thick coat.

thucan royal canin poodle 33

In dry food, Royal Canin also contains 4 vitamins to help increase the ability to protect the dog’s skin. Protein content and protein fight over 33% to help dogs develop physically. When eating dry food, Royal Canin also helps the dog to reduce the amount of tartar and plaque, making the dog’s teeth stronger.

In foods rich in antioxidants, Vitamins A, E, Lutein and Taurine help improve the resistance to dogs.

The Royal Canin food is suitable for the Poodle, also suitable for small dogs such as chihuahua, crossbreed, Japanese, Beijing, corgi, fox dog …

2. Smartheart dog food – Alaskan dog food

Dry food for Smartheart dogs is the form of food suitable for large breeds of dogs such as Husky, Golden, Samoyed, Labrador … dogs.

Smartheart dog food contains a relatively balanced protein, protein and fiber content. Adequate and balanced nutritional ingredients help your dog to develop comprehensively.


Smartheart dog food contains a lot of DHA, Omega 3 fatty acids, Lecithin, Colin synthesized from sea fish oil to help your dog develop more brain, nervous system and help dog avoid diseases related. Heart.

Smartheart dog food line is imported directly from Thailand, you can be completely assured when choosing for your puppy.

3. Pedigree Dog Food – Pet dog food

Pedigree dog food is usually wet food, similar to the food we cook for dogs on our own. This form of food is extremely suitable for small ornamental dogs: chihuahua dogs, fox dogs, poodle puppies, sausage….

thuc an cho cho pedigree compressed

The ingredients of Pedigree foods often include chicken, liver and soft wet vegetables that are full of nutrients, helping your dog to develop normally. In the nutrient content of foods Pedigree is rich in Omega and Zinc, it helps to reduce the loss of dog’s coat and minimize skin diseases.

The protein content helps to keep the muscles strong and supple (extremely necessary with sausage dogs), the more fiber helps the dog’s digestive system better avoid intestinal diseases.

Pedigree also contains Calsium and phosphorus, which is good for bones and teeth (essential for small dogs with weak jaw muscles like poodle and chihuahua).

4. Dog Food for Ganador – Becgie dog food

Is dog food good for Ganador? This is a question posed by many dog ​​owners. Ganador dog food is a dry granular food that is suitable and is best for large dogs and not suitable for small dogs. Some lines of dogs should be fed Ganador foods: becgie, malinois, pitbull, rottweiler, doberman….

In Ganador dog food contains a very high content of chicken and lamb to help ensure nutrients for dogs.

thuc an cho cho ganador lg compressed

In addition, Ganador also adds vitamin E to help dogs strengthen the immune system, vitamins B, D, Omega 3, 6 to help have smoother and more beautiful coat. In addition, Ganador dry foods contain very high levels of DHA to help the dog’s brain develop (this is extremely necessary for the lines of professional dogs such as German becgie, doberman …)

5. Dog Food Classic Pets – Big dog food

Classic Pets dog food is a form of food containing good nutrition for muscular and large-sized dogs: French bulls (bully), bulldogs, pit bulls, golden dogs, Tibetan clams….

Classic Pets Dog Food is one of the few starchy foods. Starch helps replenish the dog’s energy for play and training.

thuc an cho cho classic pets huong thit bo compressed

Inside this type of food also provides fat, helps stimulate the dog’s eating, fatty acids in food help dogs have a normal bone and cartilage system. Food contains a lot of vitamins and minerals to help prevent oxidation, balance blood, and keep bones strong.

Classic Pets dog food outside is suitable for large dogs, also extremely suitable for dogs in the breeding period.

6. Food for dogs ANF

The ANF dog food line is a lamb (soft food) line that is suitable for dogs 6 months of age and older and nursing.


In dog food ANF contains many proteins, calcium, metabolic energy, phosphorus, crude fat, fiber…. These compounds help your dog’s body develop comprehensively, especially in terms of muscles. In addition, the ingredients inside the food also contain antibiotics to help strengthen the immune system and resistance in dogs.

7. Food for dogs Fib’s – Food for adult dogs

Fib’s is a line of adult dog food suitable for all breeds and sizes. The main ingredient of this food company is the meat that dogs and cats love.

thuc an cho cho fibs

The composition of the food contains about 26% protein and protein, helping the dog’s body to develop healthy. The high amount of calcium and phosphorus in food helps to keep dog’s bones strong.

6% fiber helps the dog’s digestive system to function better. The vitamin and mineral content in food helps dogs have smoother fur and healthier skin.

8. Fitmin dog food

Fitmin dog food is a dry fried puppy food form for adult puppies. Food is made entirely from fresh meat that is processed and then dried, so it keeps a lot of nutrients that are beneficial to your dog’s growth. In food contains a lot of protein to help dogs develop muscle. Fish Omega 3, 6 fatty acids help to make the dog’s coat more smooth and healthy.


In foods that contain chicory extracts helps increase insulin levels to help develop the digestive system of the dog. In addition, in food, there are anti-inflammatory ingredients of jade plant that help fight inflammation and reduce bad smell in dog’s stool.

9. Dog food for Home Dog

thuc an cho cho lg compressed

Home Dog food, a food company suitable for small dogs: corgi, French bull, poodle….

In the composition of the Home Dog food line is made from cereals, chicken fat, salt, chicken …. These ingredients help provide protein to help the body develop and regulate the amount of amino acids in the dog’s body.

In addition, there are many vitamins and antioxidant compounds that help dogs prevent obesity and produce enough energy for the dog’s activities. Besides, the food also contains Ordor block to help increase nitrogen, reduce ammonia, help dog’s stool not rot.

10. Zenith Dog Food – Soft nut foods for puppies

thuc an hat mem cho cho con zenith

Zenith Dog Food is one of those manufacturers specializing in soft-grain puppy food. The ingredients of this form of food are mainly fresh lamb and brown rice. In a food package Zenith contains full nutrients such as protein, starch, protein … help small dogs develop quickly and comprehensively.

In addition to the above food lines, you can refer to other food lines such as: max power, iskhan, maxi junior, nutrience, natural bridge …

The lotus can be purchased directly at pet stores or through sales sites such as lazada, shopee, sendo, shop…. are easy to order with a variety of types.

The price for a dog food bag is not set. Depending on the volume, dry or wet feed form, feed companies will have different prices. Usually it will range from 15,000 to 700,000 VND.

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