The best methods of training Corgi dogs.

You are raising corgi dogs and are looking to train them? Here are the best Corgi dog training methods that can help you train your corgi dog

the best methods of training corgi dogs

The best training methods for Corgi.

Dog personality Corgi

Both Corgi dogs are very affectionate, tend to wrap the owner, and want to please the owner. Corgi is very intelligent, obedient, and very easy to train because they are very intelligent, ranking 11th in the ranking of the most intelligent breeds of AKC. Corgi are working dogs, so they love to run and jump, needing them to play often in a large space.

Corgi was bred to raise cattle, though that purpose is no longer popular today, but their instincts are still young and energetic. They often bite children’s feet when playing with them, especially when running. Most bites are not a direct threat but can cause indirect damage when the baby falls. They also often chase anything moving (such as cars, motorcycles, children, …), so there should be barriers when playing, and avoid playing with children too young

Dog training Corgi

As mentioned above, the  Corgi is a working dog, so they need to be played and run regularly in a large space. They love to run, can ride around the park and take them along. They also like to chase, maybe give them a game of catching the ball or stick.

Avoid letting the corgi play with other large dogs because they often “aggressively” first by biting the legs of moving animals. The bite does not cause much harm to other pets, but if bitten on aggressive dogs such as  Rottweiler or  Pitbull Dog will identify. You need to keep your Corgi away from the big dogs. Play in a large fenced area, or only small dogs are best.

It is necessary to get Corgi outside, walking or running at least half an hour a day. If locked in tight spaces for too long, they can become destructive such as biting shoes, scratching clothes, scratching doors or furniture. Keeping Corgi in the house all day without getting chained will be a disaster. Using this method of training Corgi dogs should be done from a young age because there is a small percentage of the stubborn corgi, the training of the commands and basic principles between dogs is quite similar.

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