The first dog in the US tested positive for Covid-19

According to the researchers, the Pug named Winston in North Carolina is the first dog in America to test positive for Covid-19.

The translation of Covid-19 is a global concern. The number of infections worldwide has exceeded 3,100,000, spreading to 210 countries and territories.

The Coronavirus that caused the Covid-19 epidemic not only spreads rapidly between person-to-person but nowadays, in some countries, cases of pet viruses are also reported.

In the US there are more than 1 million cases. (Image: ABC News)
In the US there are more than 1 million cases. (Image: ABC News)

The first dog in the US was positive for the Coronavirus

CNN recently reported that the Pug named Winston of a family in North Carolina is the first dog in the US to be positive for Covid-19. Accordingly, the dog most likely got the virus from family members.

Reportedly, 3 members of the McClean family, including the couple and their son were identified with Coronavirus last month. In particular, the daughter with a dog and another cat in the family got negative results for the virus. They also do not show any signs of illness.

According to his son Ben McClean, the dog appeared some symptoms when the whole family was sick, such as a mild cough for 1-2 days, skipping breakfast …

The first dog infected with Corona virus in America. (Photo: CNN)
The first dog infected with Coronavirus in America. (Photo: CNN)

In the case of pets infected with Coronavirus

Previously, the US reported the first case of a pet infected with Coronavirus after two cats in New York tested negative. Both have respiratory distress, causing breathing difficulties, most likely from a family member’s cross-infection.

At the end of February, Hong Kong also recorded the case of the first dog in the world infected with Coronavirus. Soon after, the dog was quarantined and treated. After 2 negative tests, the dog was returned home but unfortunately passed away soon after.

Although there are a few cases of pet viruses, however, Dr. Anthony Fauci – the leading infectious disease specialist in the US, said: “From an epidemiological point of view, there is not any evidence for We found that pets can be carriers in the family ”.

William Schaffner – professor of preventive medicine and infectious diseases at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville confirmed that the virus spread from animals to humans is extremely rare.

Not only dogs, cats are also infected with Corona virus. (Photo: Breaking News)
Not only dogs, cats are also infected with Coronavirus. (Photo: Breaking News)

The global epidemic continues to be quite complicated. Although Vietnam has timely and effective prevention and control plans, each citizen should also have a sense of self-protection, and at the same time, regularly monitor and check the domestic pets. family.

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