The Pampam cat has 84,000 fans

Cute little Pampam cat with special white fur Pampam has 1 yellow eyes and 1 incredible blue color, this Pampam cat has 84,000 fans on Instagram.

the pampam cat has 84000 fans

According to the veterinary researchers, the Pampam cat has an eye disease known scientifically as “heterochromia iridium” which is the result of an excess of pigment melanin deficiency , which proves that the Pampam Cat can be genetic or disease-induced, even caused by genetic mosaic.

Fortunately Pampam has no pain or pain sequelae because this phenomenon does not endanger the eyes of the cat Pampam . On Pampam’s Instagram page was launched on August 8, 2016 in which the pictures taken by the owner of Pampam all featured faces with strange eyes, which is why Pampam’s popularity attracted the goods. million views tracking.

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