The richest pets on the planet

The 10 richest pets in the world have assets worth between $ 6 and $ 375 million.

The cat Choupette of “Chanel Godfather” Karl Lagerfeld is attracting a lot of attention when he can become the richest cat on the planet after his boss dies. Karl Lagerfeld owns a fortune of about 200 million USD and once said he would leave a fortune for Choupette. However, without any inheritance money, this cat is currently identified with a private fortune of $ 3.4 million, earned from closing ads. Thus, Choupette will most likely join the richest group of pets on the planet according to this year’s Compare the Market ranking.
According to the 2018 results, Gunther IV – the German Shepherd Dog is the richest pet in the world with a fortune of 375 million USD. This dog inherits property from its father, Gunther III. In 1991, the German Countess Karlotta Leibenstein died, leaving $ 106 million for Gunther III. This amount has been increased thanks to trust investment funds. According to Investopedia, Gunther IV once bought a villa from Madonna for more than $ 3 million.
Grumpy Cat, real name Tardar Sauce is in danger of being usurped by Choupette the richest cat in the world. Grumpy Cat is a self-made millionaire with a fortune of about $ 99.5 million. This 7-year-old cat is famous online for its facial expressions and images shared by its owner – Tabatha Bundesen. It earned from appearing in front of the media, acting in commercials, and even inspired the 2014 movie “Grumpy Cat’s Badst Christmas Ever”.
Ranked third is Olivia Benson – cat of singer Taylor Swift. It owns about $ 97 million by appearing with the owners in advertisements for Keds, Diet Coke and AT&T.
Followed by 5 dogs named Sadie, Sunny, Lauren, Layla and Luke of MC Oprah Winfrey. Each of these dogs has a trust and is left with a total of $ 30 million in the will of the American female MC.
The Gigoo Chicken is the 5th richest pet in the world with a fortune of 15 million USD. This chicken is owned by the British millionaire publisher – Miles Blackwell. After his death in 2011, Blackwell left $ 15 million to the care of Gigoo, with the rest of his fortune going to charity.
According to the Compare the Market ranking, the top 10 also have the appearance of 2 cats named Tommassino who own assets worth 13 million USD, Blackie with assets of 12.5 million USD, 2 dogs named Conchita owns 11 , 3 million USD and Boo owns 8 million USD. In addition, a bear named Bart the Bear 2 with a net worth of 6 million USD.
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