The world’s first cat with a titanium prosthesis after a cold burn

Although he has not walked steadily yet, doctors said that Ryzhik will soon get used to his new legs and can walk normally.

A cute cat unfortunately had to amputate all 4 feet because of cold burns now can run, jump and walk normally thanks to the new titanium legs.


Ryzhik feral cat has been wandering in extremely cold weather, down to – 40 degrees C, in Siberia, causing his legs to become necrotic. Normally, with such a serious injury, only water is injected with humanitarian aid.

However, Ryzhik’s new adoptive owner was determined to save the cat’s life and took him to a veterinary center in Novosibirsk, Russia where he was built for a new titanium “claw”. They are created using highly sophisticated 3D modeling and tomography technology.

Dr. Sergey Gorshkov told The Siberian Times: “Ryzhik is definitely the first cat in the world to undergo such surgery. Its new paw is completely linked to its skin and bones. “

Ryzhik cat is still not familiar with 4 titanium prostheses

Although little Ryzhik is still unsteady on its new legs, veterinarians believe it will be used to them and can walk normally. And yet, this cat does not try to remove the prosthesis, which means it does not feel uncomfortable.

The hospital is in the process of patenting prosthetics such as legs and wings for birds, and is currently looking to make parrots beaks and claws for livestock.

Earlier this year, an American cat girl was lucky to survive after being buried in the snow. Poor Fluffly cats were found “completely frozen and show no signs of life” by their owners in February this year in Montana – where temperatures averaged between -1 degrees C and -8 degrees Celsius.


Fluffly was quickly taken to a nearby animal shelter and was saved. The photo posted to Facebook shows the pitiful cat, almost frozen in the middle of the pile of snow tied to her fur.

Dr Jevon Clark told ABC News that when Fluffly was taken to the hospital, his temperature was so low that the thermocouple could not be measured. The doctors here spent hours warming it with warm water and towels until it slowly recovered and regained consciousness.

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