This is a dog with a beard that makes men jealous

Recently, a neatly groomed dog with an unbelievably luxuriant beard has “taken over” on Instagram. Take a look at this bunch of dog photos.

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Hi, Mr. Nuts

The Nuts are of the Griffon Brussels breed, the Belgian-born dog famous for its ruffled fur. Even the owner Tatiana Kovalenok has to admit that “it has a completely natural appearance, not ‘degree’ at all”.

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Instrumental beard makes us really admire

Currently, Nuts is 3 years old but its lustrous beard started attracting attention when he was 8 months old. Besides, the Nuts Instagram fans themselves pointed out that, not the mistress Tatiana.

“When we walk the Nuts every day, we get noticed by passersby and ask to take pictures with us,” Tatiana told Dodo.

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Nuts and mistress

“Young people often say Nuts looks funny or looks like a grandfather, and old people praise his stylish coat.”

“Someone even said that Nuts looks like wacky Western guys or Chewbacca (the character in Star Wars)”.

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With this beard, Nuts made a name for himself

“I’ve never noticed Nuts’s beard before, I don’t even ask the hair trimmer to interfere with that one-of-a-kind beard.”

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