Training Dog stand – cow – lying – crawl

Dog-lying training, standing dog and Cow dog are 3 basic exercises during dog training.

Just to spend some time and patience, the dog owner can train his puppy.

Dog Training is located

Dog training There are two more ways I presented two simple but effective ways.

Training Dog stand - cow - lying - crawl

Training Dog stand – cow – lying – crawl

Drag the rope down and forward, and press the shoulder to catch the dog lying down, or drag the two feet before catching the dog lying down.
Use bait: the right hand to hold, stimulate the dog, the hand is decoy and lower down, recalling the “lying” of the ham, the dog will immediately lie down.

When the dog was on the coach of The Voice command lying in the bass, the dog was in 1 of the 2 ways on the coach, lying on the Im and discarded about 5m dog still lying im the dog has formed reflexes, of course the IM command has been in effect, so we just need to correct the lying posture of the dog for the right method only , for example the back of the leg is out, we can press the toe on the wrong leg of the dog will enema, and at the same time the orders after 5n the dog will form a reflex. When the commandment lies that the dog makes an immediate praise good, good and feeding. Catch the dog lying about 5-10 seconds away, then gather.

Dog Training Stand

The coach stood on the right side of the dog, when the dog was in a sitting position, or lay and ordered “stand”, SAU2-3 seconds, the hand had to get up to the front, and left the back to the belly raising the dog. When the dog got up, the coach coaches it by stroking, recalling the order “standing”, “good” and giving bait.

Training Dog stand - cow - lying - crawl

Training Dog stand – cow – lying – crawl

When the dog decides to sit down, the coach re-hands down the belly of the dog and keep the dog in a standing position and reiterate the “stand” order, combining Im standing.

After keeping the dog in an IM standing posture of 5-10 seconds, give the dog a stroll. To this part the Im command did not have to train anymore and it is 1 double the three.. ;D… After the script stood I combined the complete set for the dog means sitting, sitting IM, after 2-3 seconds to stand, when the dog stood and the coach of the Barb then left away 5m go back to see if the dog stood still is OK, and the dog turned away or ran after me return to the command to stop the dog standing and left off. , after this episode of many dog-forming reflexes, the more you believe me at I have successfully trained the combination for eating reasonable rewards is OK.

In mind, when training let the dog hungry, when the hungry I combined the tasty bait was 80% of the dog obeyed.

Dog Cow Training

Training of cow training dogs is the training of professional dogs, the purpose is that when doing dog missions must crawl through the barbed wire fence to pull the injured, or excuse the weapon. etc. however who wants to train a cow dog then do the following way, I do not like this cow at the cow training of course the legs will be lost, losing the aesthetic of the dog.

Training Dog stand - cow - lying - crawl

Training Dog stand – cow – lying – crawl

Catch the dog lying down, combination of the left hand bait the butt gentle dog, right hand to be fragrant prey to the dog’s nose, the dog eats the cow itself comes, we move the right hand to give forward, left hand still to light the butt dog, the cow command.. First set for the cow dog around 1m after familiarity to the new 3-4m cow fed and rewarded.
The other way is to catch the dog lying down the coach squatting on the back of the dog, paying attention to the slight grip then the coach holding 2 foot dog pulls the puppy leg forward as the episode many times the dog will form cow reflex.

After the dog has formed cow reflexes increase the distance from 10m to catch beef dog games 10 m, when the cow files will be tired quickly then let’s practice in about 2m back for the dog to adapt gradually, of course the coach must reward and feed the bait.

Now you have 1 more new dog training. You are invited to follow the series on training our dogs to get more new experiences.

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