What did I do to find my puppy Tulip?

I keep getting everyone’s inbox asking me how to find Tulip, so I decided to write an article for everyone to refer to.

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Tulip got lost twice but was lucky enough to be found by Sen

Depending on the time and ability of the people, you can do it or not. This is how I found it, which probably won’t apply to all the stray dogs.

I have posted to all associations, groups related to dogs and cats, buy, sell, rescue, get lost … because I do not know which group the person holding the dog will be in, so post as many groups as possible, to keep more who knows as much as possible. Attention to post continuously.

Place leaflets (print color if possible) around the lost area so that if kidnapped or lost, people around you who have no information or information will report to you.

Please check the cameras of nearby houses to see if there is any information.

I also went to hand out flyers from house to house because many families working in the house are closed all day, unable to meet and ask questions.

Go to Hong Mai and the shops to leave her leaflets for the houses up there, ask them if anyone sees anyone selling it, then call me.

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The quest to find Tulip is not easy, but Sen Kieu Anh really believes in her

Then I went to the markets of Ha Dong, Mo, Buoi … (everyone can search on google for specific calendars for each market session), go as soon as possible to avoid the case of someone coming first to buy my dog. If we do not see the baby, we will send out flyers to ask them to see if anyone sells, then call. I see the sellers are also very affable, so I kept asking the question frankly. Should not stand stalking people for too long, people get annoyed.

Put down the baby’s rice bowl, take the knife 9 times if it’s female, 7 times if it’s a male then call out the baby’s name, call him home.

Incense an ancestral altar to bless the predestined relationship to meet the baby crane again, which can be lit daily.

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Sleep well like there has never been a separation

I also watched the tarrot and the translation to see if I have a chance to find it again. People pay attention to tarrot and translation as a form of divination, may be true for one person, wrong with the other. Should only see for reference. Let’s see if our baby is safe and can go home.

I took a photo of the leaflet and then commented on all the big pages with good interaction, if no one was wandering on it, for example, holding the baby.

At night, wandering around the house calling for the baby’s name to see if there is any house near the house.

The last thing depends on the perseverance and luck of everyone.

I lost Tulip twice because she went astray. Once, it took 23 days to find it again because someone I knew realized the baby was being mated. Feeling like my Tulip, so they texted me.

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Hope Tulip will always be happy with her family

The second time took 2 days because someone picked it up and returned the message. Partly due to luck and fate to meet again, partly I think I am also very persistent in posting, making everyone remember Tulip’s face, so when I met, they suddenly realized and reported me.

There are hundreds of thousands of reasons and cases for babies to get lost, so hope those who don’t get lost or lose dogs don’t blame those who lose their babies. Because they are insiders, much more miserable than outsiders. Instead of reproachful comments, each person 1 share will help children have more opportunities to go home.

I wish the seniors will always have the grace to find their boss.

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