What does a Corgi dog diet need?

Corgi are working dogs, so they are fairly easy to eat. They are not picky eaters, but because they are motile, need a lot of energy, the dog’s diet needs to provide all the necessary nutrients. The Corgi dog’s diet should provide the following ingredients:

Protein (Protein) and fat

There is no less in meat:  beef (corgi loves to eat beef), meat or chicken intestines, fish, pork, … Corgi dog meat should be low in fat, especially pork, you need to choose the meat Lean-to to prevent them from going out. Chicken you can choose to buy chicken wings at the chicken processing facility for export, both cheap and cheap, as the favorite dish of most dog breeds. Do not give raw meat, corgi dogs like to eat raw meat, although the conditions for cleaning up food in Vietnam are not good, so you need to go through the boiling water, or just cook all up for peace.

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Eggs and duck eggs are also the best source of protein. For regular eggs, only boiled eggs should be avoided, avoiding frying because they are relatively greasy. Boiled eggs should be small iron to avoid choking.
The organ also contains a lot of protein, can feed the liver, lungs, heart, heart, kidney, or brain.

The fat is also quite specific, the fat helps keep the fur shiny and helps digest many vitamins. however, animal fats or vegetable oils should not be fed directly because the fat is largely balanced freely and naturally in animal meat and offal.

The daily diet of corgi dogs requires 22-26% protein, 10 – 16% fat on the total weight. The rest are fiber, vitamins, starch, …

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Vitamins, fibers and starches

Need enough vitamins to increase resistance. Vitamins, fiber Found in vegetables. Should eat boiled vegetables, avoid frying no less fat or frying. The starch in rice and tubers such as potatoes, potatoes, biscuits, etc. Mix them all with meat so that they can be eaten.

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Daily food volume

In order to have enough energy and nutrition for Corgi dog to develop, every day, a corgi dog needs to weigh food by 2.8-3.5% of total body weight. For example, a 5kg corgi child will need about 5 x 3% weight = 0.15kg (150g), divided into 2 or 3 meals, small dogs of 2-4 months can be divided into 4 meals / day . The smaller and more active corgi will need more food (about 3.3 – 3.5%), older and less active corgi will need less (about 2.8 – 3.1%).

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