What to know about the Thai vortex breed

The Thai swirl breed or Thai Vortex dog (Thai Ridgeback) is one of the oldest and most established breeds of dogs in the world.

This breed has many interesting points, let’s get a closer look at them based on the article information below.

1. History and origin of a Thai vortex breed

The breed is known to be a breed of hunting dog originating from western Thailand at about 300 years ago, which is based on the Mane on its back. It is an ancient breed of dog experts found from the archaeological documents of Thailand and recorded around 360 years ago. The Thai vortex breed is primarily trained on hunting in east Thailand. In addition, people also used them to guard and escort their cart.

It is worth noting that in the present controversy revolved around the breed problem is the Vietnamese dog of Phu Quoc. In terms of form, Phu Quoc Dogs Vietnam and the Thai swirl breed have pretty much the same point. Therefore, it is very obvious that many people will have confusion, and so far there is still no clear answer to why they are the same.

Thai swirl breed originating from Thailand

Thai swirl breed originating from Thailand

2. The appearance characteristics of the Thai vortex breed

Speaking of the appearance of the Thai swirl breed, we can rely on a number of characteristic characteristics below:

Size and weight

Thai male vortex: Male dog with a height of about 56-60cm and weighing between 23-34kg.
The Thai vortex: has a height of about 51-56cm, weighing is like a male.

A high-altitude vortex dog about 56-60cm and weighing 23-34kg

A high-altitude vortex dog about 56-60cm and weighing 23-34kg


Thai swirling dog has a slim body, high and sturdy. The breed’s back is very strong with a breast enlargement and belly. The latter legs are long, straight, beautiful and purely muscular. In general, the dog breed is quite beautiful, neat and very tight.


Thai swirling dogs have a variety of feathers such as gold, grey-blue, black, silver, sepia. They have short plumage and have an ingrown fur band on their back. At the same time, this breed has a feather line running along the back but the point especially runs in the opposite direction.

A variety of Thai swirl breeds in fur

A variety of Thai swirl breeds in fur

Face shape

Thai swirl breeds have a flat skull in the area between 2 ears, wrinkles if they are focusing on or doing something. The nose is black, with a straight and long nose; Depending on the color, the nose will be almost similar. Flat cranial bones in the area between two ears but slightly curved slightly when seen from the side, the forehead has wrinkles when they are focused. The adjoining point between the nose and forehead is clear, folding and looks moderate. The nose is black, with blue-gray dogs, the nose also has a bluish-grey color, straight and long nose.

The long and rather suitable Thai vortex snout, the lips are always closed, the tongue is usually blue or gray-blue, in some good breed dogs the tongue has black streaks. The dog breeds have a large, wide triangle shape, which is always up and down before the tail, and is usually bent upwards.

Thai swirl breed originating from Thailand

Thai swirl breed originating from Thailand

Life expectancy and health issues to be noted

The Thai vortex breed has a lifespan lasting between 12 – 13 years. Compared to some other lines may see their longevity not too long but are not too short.

In terms of health, when determining the feeding and caring for them, you should be particularly concerned about their skin problems because they are very susceptible to skin allergies. This breed is easy to take care of, when feeding them only need to rinse regularly every week, do not worry them hair loss and especially they are extremely healthy.

Ideal Accommodation

This breed is suitable for living in tropical climates, they do not withstand cold. They can live both inside or outside the courtyard, garden and where appropriate for them to be comparable, walking daily.

3. Characteristics of the personality of the Thai vortex breed

This is known as a dedicated dog breed for hunting, protecting and guarding for humans. They are also one of the highly loyal, agile and highly capable dog breeds. In addition, this breed is also quite emotional, always gentle for relatives; For strangers, always be wary.

However, for dogs not taught from them in the way they will result in growing up they are rather stubborn and hard to tell. These dogs hate the other breeds, and they even hate their teammates (except for breeding). They have the ability to bite the other dogs, to the whole of Bec-gie, although trained only to have two Thai swirl dogs, it also makes it terrifying and flees.

With untrained dogs from the baby as they grow up will become stubborn and hard to protect

With untrained dogs from the baby as they grow up will become stubborn and hard to protect

As such, the Thai swirling dog is one of the most abundant breeds in both appearance and personality. Before we get adopted, however, we need to feed as a child to take care and train the post, avoiding bad cases when encountering stubborn dogs that will cause many unwanted problems.

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