What types of diseases do small dogs often suffer?

If you have a small dog like a poodle, a Chihuahua, a Japanese dog, or a Beijing dog, you need to pay special attention to their health.

What types of diseases do small dogs often suffer?

Inherently small dogs have quite modest bodies, so their resistance to the external environment is also not good compared to other types and large dogs. Let’s take a look at the small dogs that often suffer from disease.

Small dogs often have heart problems

For small dogs such as Fox dogs, Chihuahuas, Japanese dogs, Peking dogs often have heart-related diseases. The circulatory system and the cardiovascular system are always active, fast circulation, fast heartbeat, so you need to pay special attention in diet and exercise for dogs. Avoid feeding oily foods, prevent and reduce blood cholesterol. Help the heart exercise healthy, avoid the risk of atherosclerosis.

What types of diseases do small dogs often suffer?

What types of diseases do small dogs often suffer?

Dogs are prone to obesity

These small dogs often eat a small amount, but if you don’t pay attention to the positive diet, abuse nut food along with high-fat foods and dogs are less active because they are often raised in Because of this, dogs are prone to obesity. When dogs are obese, there will be many diseases that cause harm to dog health, including heart disease.

Dogs often suffer from osteoarthritis

The skeletal system of chihuahuas, pack dogs, Beijing dogs … especially these small breeds have relatively weak and porous bones. Therefore, you should not give them foods that are full of calcium, or feed foods that are too high in fatty acids, which can make the skeletal system rheumatic, rheumatism, and in the long term, it is likely that the inner leg bone fractures when moving faster and stronger than usual. A remedy for this situation is that you should take your dog for a walk regularly, but do not let him tired too much.

Dogs often suffer from dental diseases

Chihuahuas, Miniature dogs, Japanese dogs and Peking dogs have poor teeth compared to other dogs. Usually about 12 to 16 months you should take your dog to take care of her teeth once. In addition, you should not feed your dog large, hard animal bones. Because it is easy to fail and damaged teeth.

Dogs are susceptible to respiratory diseases

Often these small breeds cannot tolerate cold, making them more susceptible to respiratory diseases, dog cough, pneumonia, and bronchitis. Moreover, in some dog breeds like a chihuahua, Japanese dog or Beijing dog they often have short noses so they often wheeze when sleeping or moving fast, so you need to regularly clean your eyes and nose. will you?

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