When is your dog most susceptible to Carre’s disease?

Once you have Carre’s disease, dogs hardly have a way of life. So, how do you know when your dog is susceptible to this disease? Join Dogs Cats to learn about dangerous times.

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Why do dogs with Carre’s disease have an extremely high mortality rate?

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ThS.BS Thai Thi My Hanh, PETPRO Hospital said: “All breeds of dogs can get Carre disease, but the most sensitive age for this disease is from 0-6 months old.

The most vulnerable time of the year is when the season changes from hot to cold. This is also the time when the disease easily becomes epidemic “.

Carre disease is species-specific. Currently, only dogs can get Carre disease, and other species do not. So it can be said that this is the most characteristic and dangerous disease for dogs.

What do you need to do when your dog has Carre?

When you find a dog with Carre’s disease, the fastest thing you can do is to immediately isolate the herd, clean the environment, the barn, the feeding trough, the bed with Virkon antiseptic. This is a drug capable of killing viruses in the environment.

It is advisable to bring sick dogs to hospitals with infectious specialists because there will be an isolated area, not to let the disease spread and have adequate means of diagnosis for this disease, as well as apply new treatments.

Thus, our dog has a 50% chance of survival. If treatment is sketchy such as injecting tonic drugs, infusing water and giving antibiotics, the dog’s death is inevitable.

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