Why are dogs sleeping places often messy?

Cluttering up your bed before going to bed is one of the most strange things dogs do. Before going to bed they often cycle. This is a common habit among the curious dog habits inherited from wild dogs.

why dogs often mess up their sleeping area?

why dogs often mess up their sleeping area?

Because dogs like to relax

Just as humans like to petting sheets and a gentle shake of pillows before going to bed, dogs need to rearrange their beds to make them more comfortable. They often dig, rotate or step on surrounding objects such as sticks, stones, leaves, grass so that they focus on the same place as they like. According to Charles Dawn, this domestic dog habit is a testament to the tick behavior, which persists even though it has become useless and inappropriate.

Maybe the dog is hiding

One reason dogs often mess up their sleeping area is that they are trying to dig a cave in order to hide. In nature, rotation makes the grass level and flat grass is a great hiding place for animals to easily hide their location. Of course, this rotation when done in an area with a flat surface like a modern bed can be seen as a trail.

It could also be due to the heat

Scratching around the sleeping area is also considered a sign that they are looking for a new place with a better temperature, either warmer (away from snowy places) or cooler (moving to cooler areas). Dogs often dig many such holes outdoors, and this action can be repeated every time they are outside.

The mother dog’s lair

The mother’s digging into her sleeping space during pregnancy indicates that she is trying to nest her baby, which can be seen as a sign that she is ready for the welcome of the newborn babies. In this case, the messing up of the sleeping space is not called the ticking behavior, but the mother instinct.


If your dog is just digging in his bed, no problem. However the problem gets worse when it starts to dig into the walls of your home or the areas around your home, it’s time to teach it. Give him a rug or a blanket so he can rearrange the sleeping area as he wants. Show him where to sleep for him and show him that there will not be any other place for him to sleep. Of course, it must be a safe sleeping place. If it is a pregnant dog, make sure that it is a sleeping area with rags, clean newspaper, and other soft disposable items for use during pregnancy and training. it gets used to being in its nest.

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