Why do pug and bulldogs have flat faces?

Recently, researchers believe that they have discovered a genetic mutation that makes certain dogs – such as pug and bulldog – have a flat mold.

Why do pug and bulldogs have flat faces? The team hopes that this finding could shed light on the causes of birth defects affecting a baby’s early development in the womb.

Why do pug and bulldogs have flat faces?

With their flat nose and wrinkled faces, they have become a favorite among dog lovers.

These dogs, such as the French bulldog and poodle, are the dogs that are bred to highlight “cute” traits, making them more likely to encounter problems. serious health conditions such as shortness of breath, inflammation and eye diseases.

Researchers at the University of Edinburgh’s Roslin Research Institute want to find out exactly what causes these flat properties.

They analyzed the DNA samples of 374 ornamental dogs from different races and crossbreds while they were being treated at the Royal Veterinary Research Department (Dick).

All of these animals were scanned as a whole step in the care process, from which the team created detailed 3D images of their heads.

Why do pug and bulldogs have flat faces?

Veterinarians have long warned against trading dogs with fashionable “flat faces” due to concerns about their health and life.

These high-resolution CT images allow scientists to accurately measure the skull shapes of dogs.

By comparing genetic information with skull data, the team identified DNA variants related to different head shapes.

One variation found to disrupt the activity of the SMOC2 gene is closely related to the dog’s face length.

These mutants have a much flatter face – this syndrome is called short-headed disability.

Lead researcher, Dr Jefffrey Schoenebeck, said: “This finding sheds light on the molecular nature of the skull pattern that is common in dogs.”

Sometimes babies are born with short-headed syndrome, but so far scientists have not found the answer to the reason. To date, the team thinks that screening children for changes in the SMOC2 gene may help diagnose this condition.

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